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250x400_genemapper_streaks_lowband_hopepunks.jpgIn the future, mixed-reality can provoke personal demons...

What if you could ride a real flying jetbike in an exciting race through fantastic virtual reality worlds?

What if you could connect your mind to the cloud for some heart-pounding vicarious thrills?


Walk this way!

Jean is an independent gene mapper whose custom genetic modifications are so popular that she becomes a threat to the villain's dominance. They are the biggest supplier of genetically targeted meds in Home City, and her very existence brings down their wrath.

When Jean joins a team in a mixed-reality tournament that will determine control of genetically engineered medicines, she sets off a chain of events that puts everyone in the city at risk if they lose.

Can Jean win the game? Vanquish the villain? Save the world? And get her shot at living happily ever after? Will her ragtag group of local gene mappers prevail over Big Pharma and their stranglehold on desperately needed help?

It becomes a race to the finish when the greatest threat of all steps into the arena and challenges Jean to her very core.

In a world that tries to tear you down, how do you insist that you are good enough?

- wholehearted heroes
- over-the-top villains
- cotagonists to friends
- hopepunk futurism
- big grin fun

If books like Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, Warcross by Marie Lu, and Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson give you a rush because of the virtual reality, amusing plots, and enjoyable characters, then Gene Mapper may have some thrills for you!

Related Genres:
- Science Fiction Action Adventure / Humorous
- Thriller / Technothriller
- Cyberpunk / Hopepunk
- Satire

Each of the Hopepunks novels is a complete standalone story that arrives at a satisfying conclusion. The main characters in each book do not continue into the next one. However, all the books share a common story world, some recurring characters, and a similar plot structure with a similar set of main characters.

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