Reading List

Suggested reading list for hopepunks.

These are books that I've enjoyed over the years. In no particular order, it's a list that will expand as I come across new things.

What's the Matter With Kansas? by Thomas Frank

How Fascism Works: The Politics of Us and Them by Jason Stanley

Anti-Intellectualism in American Life by Richard Hofstadter

Uncivil Agreement by Lilliana Mason

21 Lessons for the 21st Century by Yuval Noah Harari

The Moral Landscape by Sam Harris

The Righteous Mind by Jonathan Haidt

Bowling Alone by Robert D. Putnam

The Disinformation Age by W. Lance Bennett and Steven Livingston (Editors)

The Power Elite by C. Wright Mills

The Myth of Left and Right by Hyrum Lewis, Verlan Lewis, et al.

The Rural Voter by Nicholas Jacobs, Daniel M. Shea, et al. (NOT White Rural Rage)

Post-Truth by Lee C. McIntyre

The Misinformation Age: How False Beliefs Spread by Cailin O'Connor and James Owen Weatherall

How Minds Change by David McRaney

Hate Inc. by Matt Taibbi

The Constitution of Knowledge by Jonathan Rauch

The Little Blue Book, Don't Think of an Elephant! and Whose Freedom? by George Lakoff

Shadow Network by Anne Nelson

It Can't Happen Here by Sinclair Lewis

A Conflict of Visions by Thomas Sowell

The Shock Doctrine, No Logo, and Doppelganger by Naomi Klein (NOT Naomi Wolf)

Debt, Bullshit Jobs, and The Dawn of Everything by David Graeber and others

It's Okay to be Angry About Capitalism by Bernie Sanders

Manufacturing Consent by Edward S. Herman and Noam Chomsky

Jesus and John Wayne by Kristin Kobes Du Mez

Troll Nation by Amanda Marcotte

Capitalist Realism by Mark Fisher

Internet for the People by Ben Tarnoff

The Reactionary Mind by Corey Robin

The Big Myth by Naomi Oreskes, Erik M. Conway, et al.

What This Comedian Said Will Shock You by Bill Maher

Trouble and Her Friends by Melissa Scott

The Murderbot Diaries by Martha Wells

The Wayfarers Series by Becky Chambers

Neuromancer by William Gibson

Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson

Warcross by Marie Lu

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline